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Company Profile

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Jiangxi Shengjin Machinery Co., Ltd. was registered and established by Wannian County Administration for Industry and Commerce on August 19, 2013. Located in Fengshou Industrial Park, Wannian County, Jiangxi Province, it is a professional manufacturer integrating independent research and development, production, sales and operation. The main products are all kinds of high-precision pins, taper pins, shafts and round cup screws above grade 12.9 made of materials such as 45# steel, 40Cr, Gcr15, and SCM435. The company's products serve all machinery, high-speed rail, aviation, automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, robots, home appliances, etc., and perfectly demonstrate the development trend of the times in the development of China's manufacturing. ,

The company actively introduces an excellent performance model and insists on creating a brand with quality. Shengjin shares attaches great importance to technological innovation, and constantly provides customers with high-quality products and services. The company strives to implement the theme concept of "based on honesty, innovation and far-reaching", actively creates a learning organization, continuously enriches corporate culture, and shapes "pragmatic, trustworthy, innovative, "Chongshan" enterprise spirit, the company's ideological work has distinctive characteristics, Shengjin people, in order to achieve brilliant achievements, work together to provide high-precision product quality and excellent service to all end customers of Shengjin shares.



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